Both teams have established success

A consequence of you or people in the games you are playing in not knowing how to build/play. You new to the game, and I think it a mistake to assume that Bacchus is poorly balanced just because you die to him a ton. Bacchus has a winrate of 48.67% right now in Ranked Conquest, a number which peaks at Silver and plummets in higher ranks.

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The construction seems solid; the shoes are very light and essentially unstructured, but don feel flimsy. The insole/footbed is very supportive underneath the heel and arch, there a noticeable rise up from the toe area.Looks wise, the color is actually darker in real life than it looks in my photos or the one the seller posted, much more of a brown than a tan. I guess OC thing is to make shoes that look vintage and these definitely have a lived in look.

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